"Sandra Sweet is an intelligent, motivated and talented Franklin Method educator. I highly recommend Sandra to anyone wanting to improve their movement skills and mind-body fitness."

Eric Franklin - Director, Franklin Method Institute


"Sandra's style is genuine, caring and sincere as well as spiritual and direct. Sandra has the ability to draw out the answers from within her clients, and is quick to acknowledge and support them."

Bonnie Weiss - Owner, Center for Christian Coaching


"Sandra shines at challenging her students' flexibility, strength and balance. A session with Sandra is like a shower of positive energy."

Helena Birecki - Pilates instructor


"I used to only think about how I looked on the outside. Now I don't see the outside, I see the inside and how it works."

Patty G. - Client


"I was blessed to have the opportunity to have Sandra as my Spiritual Life Coach for six months. If you want someone who genuinely cares and wants to see you experience life more abundantly, I recommend Coach Sandra for all of your Life Coach / Spiritual Life Coach needs."

Dr. Reva Isreal


"Thanks to Sandra my posture is really improving. She is an insightful and patient teacher."

Hilary Rowen - Client


"I find Sandra to be incredibly compassionate, and also willing to ask the hard questions which need to be considered. Sandra exhibits a unique sense of insight and her direction is always on target. She never fails to leave me with helpful ideas or questions to ponder."

Jacquie Steiner - Owner, Moveable Feast


"I always feel like a new person when I leave the Balanced Living Center."

Carol Simpson - Client


"Sandra's spiritual gifts are like oxygen to me on a daily basis."

Cheryl M. - Psychotherapist, retired


"At the end of my session I feel aligned and alive!"

Teresa S. - Client

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